Shirin Movahed Rakocevic, Esq.
Principal Attorney and Founder
Shirin Movahed Attorney

Shirin Movahed Rakocevic, Esq. Principal Attorney and Founder

Shirin is the Founder of Rakomova Law.

Shirin is the principal attorney and founder of Rakomova Law.  After a long-standing career as a litigation and corporate attorney practicing under the traditional law practice model, she now brings her well-established experience and knowledge practicing business law, intellectual property and estate planning law to better serve the needs of her clients in the fashion, art, entertainment, lifestyle, consumer product, and technology industries.

Shirin is a Brand Builder.

As a brand builder, she assists her clients in developing a solid legal foundation for the successful growth and expansion of their business in the U.S. and beyond.  As a trusted advisor, Shirin has been able to better understand and address the ever changing needs of her clients by adding safeguards in place to protect her client’s assets from their business and personal affairs.

Shirin Helps You Plan Your Legacy.

As part of her estate planning practice, Shirin doesn’t just focus on passing on financial assets, but whole family wealth which includes your spiritual, intellectual and human assets.  She uses the estate planning process to pass on a legacy of love and care and ease for her clients, and keep their families out of court and out of conflict.

Shirin is a Mentor and Educator.

With a passion for educating and empowering her community, Shirin currently serves as a mentor and board advisor to several private companies and organizations as a well as a start up incubator in the fashion industry.  Shirin also continues to lecture at universities, cultural institutions, trade associations and offering webinars on various legal topics in business and estate planning law.

While her biggest accomplishment is becoming a mom to her two little girls, Shirin has also earned several accolades in her profession which includes being selected by Thomson Reuters® as a New York Super Lawyer, Rising Star and in the top 5% of female lawyers in New York.