6 Common Mistakes Most Parents (And Their Lawyers!) Make When Naming Guardians

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Have you made of these 6 common mistakes that could leave your kids in the care of someone you would never want or choose?

  1. Named a couple to act as guardians when you don’t really want both people in the couple and you haven’t said what should happen if the couple broke up or one of the partners in the couple died.
  2. Only named one possible guardian. What if something happens to your first choice?
  3. Have not considered financial resources when deciding who should raise your children. Your guardians do not have to (and often should not) be financial decision-makers for your kids.
  4. Only have a Will, which means the Court will distribute your money, it’s totally public and doesn’t protect your money from their divorce and lawsuits.
  5. Did not exclude anyone who might challenge your guardian decisions or who you know you’d never want to care for your kids.
  6. Only named guardians for the long-term and did not make any arrangements for the short term if you were in an accident. What would happen in those immediate hours until your permanent guardians could arrive?

If you’ve made one of these 6 common mistakes, not to worry; we have solutions to make sure your kids will always be taken care of by people you know, love, and trust.

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